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年间产能,目标产能350万件/年,峰值产能400万件/年;中心工厂 + 副工厂,共计:100余家,含300余条生产线,1000余名工人可同时做工;生产供应能力在针织行业处于TOP 1%。

Customer pain points

Customer Current Pain Points

  • Hope to have a forward-looking design, predict the trend of the next season, and find a manufacturer with both domestic and international shipping capabilities.
  • The domestic knitting market is fiercely competitive, and cost advantage is key to business success; The popular raw materials in the industry are often unavailable, the most advanced manufacturing techniques are not used timely, so that the products have no advantages and competitiveness.
  • Downstream clients always demand urgent and have high quality requirements. However there are many domestic suppliers who can meet the production quantity on time but neglecting quality, causing a high return rate. Customers return a lot, e-commerce has many negative comments as a consequence, and brand reputation cannot be improved. Overall, the company still suffers serious losses.
  • It is difficult to find stable and long-term supply partners who have stable and continous business and production plan to ensure the sustainable development.
Design & Tendency


Design & Tendency

Xinyou Clothing has a senior design team with over 30 years of experience in Seoul, South Korea, with a tens of thousands of design sample library. Every year, more than a thousand new design samples and protos are added by combining the ideas of luxury brand launch event, fashion shows, industry seminars, and joint design studios. Meet the design needs of customers for elements such as "Classic", "High-end", "Cutting-edge", "Fashion", and "Chic", and be able to customize according to the body shape of people in China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and America, creating a "sense of luxury". The product has fully withstood the tests of domestic and foreign markets.

Product Types includes:  Spring & Summer(SS) season, Autumn & Winter(FW) seaon All Category Knitwear.


Cost Competitiveness

Over the past 35 years of industry experience accumulation, abundant customer resources, million-scale annual production capacity, and stable and sustained customer order are our "confidence", meanwhile ensuring our customers have the "cost advantage, resource advantage, and competitive opportunity" in the market.

With excellent production capacity, Xinyou Clothing can directly contact with source vendors. Xinyou Clothing has the ability to purchase raw materials in large quantities, has the ability to strategically reserve raw materials, has the advantage of purchasing scarce materials, and has a certain anti-risk ability for uncertain markets.

Providing customers with competitive "Cost Advantages" and stable and high-quality "Output" from Xinyou is a "Win-Win" situation.

Cost  Competitiveness
Quality Guarantee


Quality Guarantee

Quality always comes first: Xinyou Clothing focuses on "medium to high-end" knitted clothing, refining products with the strictest QC. Each process of knitted products is equipped with QC process, what's more, QC after weaving, sewing, and inspection, and general quality control can help us detect and locate problems in advance. Step by step inspection and modification throughly ensure our product quality.

Xinyou Clothing provides international standard testing, supports factory inspection and visit, and meets the inspection standards and shipping needs of developed countries.

The Yield Rate of Bulk Goods is Higher than 98%.


Stable & Sustainable Supply

Our customers come from all over the world, and our cooperation keeps stable. Xinyou Clothing has produced over a thousand types of knitted products whose basic products have a certain market share in the Asian.

Cutomers will own dedicated customer service: Adhering to the service philosophy of "precise response, fast response, patient communication, and iterative correction". We ensure that customer needs will be quickly and carefully implemented and the delivery time is guaranteed.

Xinyou Clothing aims to meet the personalized needs of customers, always maintaining innovation and keeping up with the times, and continuously improving product quality. Our production team has rich experience in the industry, upholds the spirit of "ingenuity", and actively responds to challenges from customers and the market.



Stable  & Sustainable Supply

Cooperation Mode and Process

ODM Cooperation Mode

Manufacturing and Providing Knitwear with Xinyou's Design or Solution to Meet Cutomers' Requirement

ODM cooperation mode

OEM Cooperation Mode

Leveraging Xinyou's Production Line and Technique to Manufacture according to Customers' Design

OEM cooperation mode

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