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Dongguan Xinyou Clothing Co., Ltd., with its high quality materials, exquisite workmanship, keen sense of fashion, and 35 years of industry experience, effectively caters to the market trends at home and abroad and meets the fashion needs of consumers, and has been deeply trusted by our customers. Xinyou is located in Changping, Dongguan, with a superior geographical location and business environment. Through the concerted efforts of all the company's staff, Dongguan Xinyou has integrated upstream and downstream superior resources and grown into a full-process garment manufacturing enterprise integrating design, development and production, focusing on undertaking OEM/ODM orders from domestic and foreign manufacturers. The company currently consists of Design Department (Seoul), Production & Sales Department, Knitting Tech Department, Quality Control Department and After Service Department.

About us

Company Vision

“ Weave Every Stitch of Yarn Well,

Making Every Sweater Sweet Your Heart ”


Enterprise Spirit

“ Ingenuity, Intial Heart

Responsibility and always Customer-Centric ”

enterprise spirit

CEO Message

Message from Chinese CEO

Make Every Sweater Sweet Your Heart

Nowadays, Made in China is moving towards "Quality Goods from China". In order to respond to the continuous changes in market demand, Xinyou, a company specializing in making stylish sweaters, have worked hard to innovate our products, enhance our capability to meet the needs of the consumers, deeply cultivate the knitting field to expand new channels. By producing refined and innovative knitting products, we are striving to become a leading company in the knitting industry.

For more than thirty years, Xinyou company have insisted on focusing on doing one thing, just to polish our knitted products to the extreme, fully meet the client needs, and achieve a win-win situation. With the spirit of craftsmen, we use the "heart" to weave every sweater, making it reasonable in price,fashionable in style. Xin means trust and You means friends.Our company has continued to grow due to the trust of friends. We believe that more like-minded friends will join us in the future.

As a traditional manufacturing enterprise,  Xinyou Clothing will always abide by the "ingenuity" of fine workmanship, the "original aspiration" of making fine sweaters, the "sense of responsibility" of Chinese manufacturing, and the determination of "customer-oriented".


Thanks to the customers who have always trusted in Xinyou Clothing, the outstanding employees who have struggled with us, and the careful guidance of leaders on all levels.


Confidence is more precious than gold! Let’s work together to make the future more beautiful and make everyone more beautiful!

Chinese CEO: Ms. Liang Ailing

Liang Ailing

Message from the Korean Representative

To Become a Company that Satisfies Employees and to Make Products that Satisfy Customers

Only by taking "People-Oriented" as the company's constant business philosophy can we respond to today's rapidly changing market. Through these years of growth with employees and continuous innovation, Xinyou has continued to grow and thrive since its establishment.


It is my great honor and pleasure as the person in charge of this company to see that employees are proud of this job and persevering with "ingenuity". We appreciate our employees for their willingness to share weal and woe with the company and it is delighted to witness employees' lives getting better and better with smiles on their faces.

In terms of products, we promise to improve our own productivity with the highest quality, fastest speed, and most rigorous attitude, and make unremitting efforts to manufacture products that satisfy customers.


Three key elements, family-like employees, trustworthy customers and first-class products, should be closely combined during the development of enterprises. As the person in charge of the company, I promise: I will continue to learn, keep a keen eye on the market, keep up with the pace of the times, and produce good products that are fully recognized and welcomed by the market through continuous innovation.


May we and our customers achieve a win-win situation, and wish those who accompany us along the way to be happy and healthy!

Representative from Korea: Hyung-Kwon Na

History of Xinyou



The official website of Xinyou Clothing Co., Ltd. has officially launched globally. (CN+EN+KR)



Five-year cumulative production quantity exceeded 15 million pieces. (from 2018 to 2022)



Established Seoul Design and Research Institute in South Korea to provide one-stop service from design, development to production, and began to undertake important OEM/ODM order business.



Established as a joint venture between China and South Korea, Xinyou Clothing Co., Ltd. will further expand its overseas business and undertake orders from major brands.



The factory moved to Changping District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and began to enter the domestic knitting market in addition to export.



Set up a factory in Dalang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, mainly exporting to South Korea, Japan and the United States.



Established the first knitting factory in Seoul, South Korea, mainly supplying the South Korean and American markets.

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